Amit Gal

PhD Student in Management/Organizations
amit (at) galamit (dot) com

My blog (Hebrew)

I'm now working towards my PhD in Management/Organizations, and have Recently Completed my M.Sc in mangement Science from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. I study teams and organizations and how collective behaviors emerge from and affected by individual actions and interactions. I'm interested in the formation of organizational routines, the development of shared or distributed cognitions and the complex ways in which individuals can contribute to collective outcomes. I'm especially interested in sensemaking processes and how meaning is created and communicated through talk and production of texts.

I hold an M.A in Musicology and B.Sc. in Mathematics and had studied in some depth topics such as music cognition (especially the perception of music similarity), musical semiotics, game theory and mathematical logic. I have a broad range of interests which led me to engage in diverse activities. I was once an active composer, and two of my chamber music pieces were performed and broadcasted on Israeli radio. Bridging my interests in music and teams, I led workshops in which I used group improvisation to improve teamwork and develop leadership skills. I spent about 7 years in the software development industry, developing novel algorithms and managing projects in diverse fields such as bioinformatics, information modeling and constraint solving.

When I have time (which is unfortunately not often these days), I play the piano, hike, climb mountains, and make futile attempts to make my baby laugh.